YO! Sushi Restaurant

YO! Sushi was launched in January 1997 by rock stage designer Simon Woodroffe, who opened the first restaurant in Poland Street, Soho. It was a totally new eating experience, based on a mixture of traditional Japanese and Western dishes, and YO! Sushi has grown rapidly to become a major international brand.

The relationship between YO! Sushi and Marquee AV goes back to that beginning and continues with the opening of the latest restaurant. Located at Bluewater, Europe’s largest retail and leisure complex, the site presented a unique challenge for the design and installation of an audio system. The restaurant layout radiates from a central preparation area, with tables and seating arrayed from it like the petals of a flower. A conveyer belt carrying the food dishes weaves around the tables allowing diners to choose.

To provide even coverage and consistent sound levels, the usual configuration of wall or ceiling mounted loudspeakers was discounted in favour of using locations around freestanding monoliths that form part of the unique design of the restaurant. This also allowed for the distance between the loudspeakers and diners to be minimised, maintaining the highest quality audio. B&W loudspeakers were chosen for quality and painted to merge completely with the monoliths. Cloud electronics control and power the system and provide a simple set of controls for the restaurant staff. The overall implementation of the system gives the restaurant superbly consistent audio quality from a system that is invisible.

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