Live Sound

Bose UK and Marquee AV

The Forum – Kentish Town


Originally built in 1934 as an art-deco cinema, the Mama Group’s 2,300-capacity venue, The Forum in Kentish Town boasts a busy and demanding schedule of live entertainment – world-renowned touring bands, DJs, comedians and performers – covering everything from stand-up to heavy metal and reggae, and from indie to house and techno.

The Bose® UK Pro audio design team were challenged with creating an audio solution that would provide seamless coverage and tonality throughout the venue, whilst producing full-bandwidth and high SPL audio in an acoustically challenging environment. The system would also have to meet the demanding expectations of a wide range of incoming artists and their operational teams.

Bose RoomMatch® was the natural choice for the theatre-like space, and by utilising Bose Modeler® software, the team were able to carefully design the most suitable system for the client. The resulting system consists of two six-module flown arrays with ground stacked modules to left and right, plus twelve bass modules each side, and ground stacked infills. The system utilises 22 Bose PowerMatch® amplifiers and two ControlSpace® DSP processors.

RoomMatch® modules overcome the acoustic performance limitations of conventional line-array and point-source loudspeakers. Available in 42 different coverage patterns, they can be used alone or with other RoomMatch® array modules to form Progressive Directivity Arrays – a new category of curvilinear array from Bose. They perform as a single loudspeaker to ensure optimal sound coverage for a particular listening area, as by creating the arrays, sound designers are able to scale SPL to achieve a seamless, consistent response over nearly any vertical angle.

Bose RoomMatch® waveguide technology directs sound more precisely, reducing unwanted wall and ceiling reflections that can degrade tonal balance. Multiple, readily available waveguide patterns allow for customized sound coverage for virtually any room.

Each module features two new 10-inch (25.4 cm) woofers and six extended mid-range compression drivers. Together, they eliminate the need for the mid/high crossover, resulting in improved vocal clarity and intelligibility. To reduce distortion, the woofer uses a proprietary ultra-linear motor, a tapered port, and an individual acoustic enclosure, while the compression drivers have a proprietary Bridge Phase Plug to remove resonant modes, without the use of FIR filters or complex signal processing.

For bass augmentation below 80 Hz, the RoomMatch® RMS215 and RM218 subwoofer array modules are tuned to complement RoomMatch® full-range loudspeakers.

With the project completed by Bose UK and Marquee AV, The Forum can now enjoy a permanently installed RoomMatch® progressive directivity array system including sub array, delays, PowerMatch® amplification and ControlSpace® DSP control – providing complete, tonally seamless coverage at full bandwidth with high SPL across the whole venue.

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